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Biodiversity Is Best Explained by Jing Zhang's Infographics

Did you know that, as of today, biodiversity is celebrated by our fellow Earthlings amid unprecedented, accelerated climate change worldwide? 

Sometimes, visual art is worth a million words, as depicted by countless creatives we put together here for your convenience. 

And when it comes to explaining science, infographics do it best! Digital artist Jing Zhang from the UK graciously sketched the following pieces, first published on Behance, which she introduced in her own words below. Keep informed and inspired! 

" Nature and Us, is a personal study and graphical project that I have been working on, started in the background of 2018 summer, the hottest joint summer in UK's record. We’re facing the biggest environmental challenge our generation has ever seen. Climate change is impacting on many of the things we love and cherish. It’s changing the seasons, upsetting the crops that feed us, and affecting precious species. The following are several topics on Water resources, Forest, Agriculture, Ecosystem, Biodiversity, Green Footprint, how human activities and the nature impact each other. " 

Biodiversity Is Best Explained by Jing Zhang's Infographics Reviewed by Khalil Gdoura on lundi, mai 22, 2023 Rating: 5

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